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If you have an immediate  auto repair need, we will help you

Our Services

Quality truck and auto repair service done by honest, certified technicians.

If you are looking for routine maintenance or repairs, we do everything including tires & alignment.

General Repair

It’s important to keep up on preventive maintenance to your car. Whether it be oil changes, fluid changes, tune ups and etc. Hancock Repair has you covered.

Brake Service

Brakes are an important element to your car and how it stops. Making sure you are getting your brakes checked, maintained and repaired is very important.

Transmission Repair

When it comes to transmissions, we can perform basic maintenance or repair them by one of our ASE Certified technicians.

Radiator Service

Is your car leaking antifreeze? It could be a quick fix like a bad hose or fitting. This could damage your radiator over time causing your engine to overheat.

NEW! Tires & Alignment

Are you experiencing pulling to one side or vibration in your steering wheel? This can effect your car’s performance and uneven tire wear. Maintaining your vehicle’s tires is important for safety and performance. Let us help you!

Engine Repair

Do you have engine problems? Give us a call or stop in today. We service all auto including diesel and fleet trucks.

Suspension Repair

Suspension is essential to keeping your wheels intact and for ease of steering. If you are noticing discomfort, unusual noise or hard tuning, stop in or call us today!

Electrical Diagnostics

Electrical issues with your auto can cause further damage as your check engine light is a key indicator. These issues can be complicated due to your electrical system communicating to all components of your auto. We can help!

Heating & Cooling

We can diagnose and repair climate issues that you are experiencing with your auto whether it be the A/C or the heater. Come get this checked out today and ride more comfortable!

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